Welcome to our Classes which start again from 20 July 2015!

Our Regular Classes

20th July – 27th August

1) For our Current Men and Women Clients: Set of 6 Pure Pilates Fitness Classes for Sports Lovers, and men and women who love living life to the full!

£72 for 6 x 1 hour classes

£90 for 6 x 1.25 hour classes. (ie £12 per hour)

Choose one of our Classes here and please send Rosemary a cheque with your desired class written on the back: (N.B. Cheque books are free from your bank)

ALL our classes have controlled numbers and detailed help with each exercise. You will feel how week on week you are further improving your whole-body-strength and flexibility, your whole body awareness whilst at the same time you learn how you can release your neck and shoulders, how and when to work your back and abdominal muscles even more efficiently. Grow taller and stronger and more body-aware with every class. Reduce your daily energy-sapping movements and replace with energized, balanced, protected muscles and bones.

New Classes

2) Set of 3 Introductory Classes for men and women new to pilates begins: – Tuesday 28th July, 4th and 11th August at 7.30 p.m. 0ne Full hour long, price per class £12: Limited numbers.

Learn vital ways you can improve your every-day breath, posture and movement, – incorporate these vital skills into your pilates movements – becoming stronger, more flexible, narrow-waisted, taller. After these introductory classes, clients with normal levels of fitness can join any of our other, ongoing classes. You have a wide choice and you can mix and match in order to get all your classes in. (conditions apply)

3) Set of 3 Improvers Classes begin on: – Tuesday 25th August – 8th September and 15th September: £12 per class

3 more Classes which we can personalize to your needs;  More top-quality pilates exercises and teaching that will facilitate you to iron out muscle habits that are holding you back from feeling “right” in all body areas, before you join a group class.

All our normal studio classes will be available to you after your introductory sessions so that you can catch up any class you missed, free of charge (*conditions apply) Please see here for list of our pure pilates fitness on-going classes. If you have a good body knowledge you can join these classes any time, after you have completed at least one introductory or improvers session.

How can Our Pilates help You?

Pilates for Rehabilitation

“I am indebted to Rosemary for her treatment of both me and my wife and I have no hesitation in recommending her treatments to my patients”

Dr Christopher Kinchin BSc, MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, FRCPG

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