Frequently Asked Questions

9 Questions, often asked:

1) What is Pilates?

Pilates is named after its creator, Joseph Pilates who lived in the 1900’s and emigrated to America from Germany after World War One.

Pilates is a mind-body connecting exercise programme that works the whole body by co-ordinating the deep postural muscles with the muscles of the upper and lower body. Pilates achieves a deep whole body strength, protection and suppleness.

Pilates is based on the sports Joseph Pilates knew well and earned his living by, – boxing, martial arts, diving. It is also based on fitness regimes that were becoming known in Pilates’s day, namely the Alexander Technique and Yoga.

Joseph Pilates specialized in helping ballerinas and dancers and this knowledge was to greatly influence his work.

Pilates exercise has become recognised world-wide as a valuable method of injury prevention and rehabilitation as well as an invaluable asset in reaching maximum physical fitness and in developing an excellent posture, a toned body and a flat stomach. Pilates is especially excellent for helping us all to combat our modern lifestyle where computers and cars, big work-loads, and living longer than ever before, places demands on our bodies that create weakness, tiredness and stiffness. Pilates helps us to stay strong, supple and pain free.

2) Can Pilates help my Back?

Yes, totally!  Pilates is suitable for men and women of all ages and fitness levels and is particularly beneficial to those with,

A history of low, middle and upper back pain
Recent surgery or  rehabilitation needs
Arthritis –osteo, or
Joint pain such as knees, elbows, ankles, wrists, hands
Pain in the body during pregnancy such as hips, back, shoulders, neck.
Pre and Post pregnancy body fitness
Pelvic floor problems
Postural problems –
Sports Needs

Rosemary will give you a detailed form to fill in about your problems and goals. Rosemary constantly teaches the general public, men, women, teenagers, pilates teachers, physiotherapists, doctors, as well as professional sports men and women the RIGHT pilates for THEIR bodies. Physiotherapists and doctors come to Rosemary for help with back pain because they know pilates is not physiotherapy and vica versa. Please phone Rosemary on 07921292289 to make an appointment for a first class.

3) What is Rosemary’s U.S.P. (unique selling point) ?

Rosemary brings together England and America’s best pilates in classes she makes as bespoke as possible for you. Rosemary has trained with numerous major schools of pilates including teachers with medical, balletic and physical fitness backgrounds. Rosemary’s classical pilates has been influenced by her outstanding training in Colorado, U.S.A. and her medical training in pilates was possible because of her qualifications in nursing. Clients are taught as much as possible in a bespoke manner whether in classes or in private lessons.

If you would like beautiful body movement that maximizes on the strengths of your body and reduces its weaknesses, all through movement which is grounded in science and artistry and Nature’s Laws of Natural, Healthy Movement, please come and join us for a wonderful work-out which unites the mind and body. Learn exercise you will want to do and be able to do when on your own. Learn your best posture ever and how to develop your flattest stomach, strongest core, and supple joints. Its enjoyable and it gets you the results you want.

4) Can Pilates help me before, during and after my pregnancy?

At this studio we are hugely proud of how well our pregnant clients do. Rosemary is well trained and has helped ladies enormously with a wide range of goals and problems all related to pregnancy.

Please add your email address here for news of future weekends that will be dedicated to pilates for pre, post and actual pregnancy. If you are pregnant now, or hoping to be, please, please ring Rosemary who finds it a total joy to help ladies with your needs. Your Email address.

5) Will Pilates build up my Muscles?

Yes, very much so. Pilates muscles are usually not bulky, but are long and toned in appearance.

6) Will Pilates Help me to Tone up and Lose Weight?

Yes, a flat stomach and pulled-in waist-line, a strong back, can be yours. You will exercise every muscle in your body, and it feels great! As we go from flab to fab, our increased musculature and improved metabolic rate  work well to burn body fat. But, of course, as with every single kind of exercise on earth, we still have to also cut down our calorie intake if we actually want to lose weight.

7) Can I mix Pilates with Aerobics Work?

Yes, absolutely! Pilates is vital for aerobic work whether it is running, walking or any other sport or activity. All fitness magazines for men and women recommend pilates, world-wide. Please add your email address here and we will let you know when we run weekend courses that you might love coming to that combine the resistance, stretching and strengthening work of pilates, with aerobics. Our goal would be to equip you with information that helps you away from the pilates studio – in the fresh air or in your own sitting room, using equipment that is cheap and easy to put away as well as your own body weight.

8) Stress Relief: Will Your Pilates de-stress me and Raise my Energy?

Yes! –  In a survey of more than a hundred clients invited to fill in a 6 page questionnaire every single one of them said how much they love these aspects of the classes. On a more serious note, we practice mindfulness throughout the class. Clients become so empowered by these classes they stop anti-depressants and report how they feel younger on their next birthday.

9) Do Men Do Pilates with You?

Yes, many men, of all ages and with all levels of fitness, just like women. Men are in the minority most of the time but they don’t care at all. Many more men do private classes and continue for years.

Any other questions?

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