Pilates Rehabilitation Testimonials

Your problems can come from very many places in your body. We go through these in great detail in the first consultation. The following are some testimonials:

Back Pain

When back pain is treated at this Centre we go beyond the immediate area of pain to find the source so that we can effect long lasting pain relief that will be sustainable and offer the client extra protection of the whole spine long term.

I have known Rosemary MacDonald since January 2012 when my wife Carol started attending for treatment for her severe chronic back problem. After numerous and extensive treatments by Osteopaths, Chiropractors and attending Alexander Technique and Yoga classes with very little long term benefit, I have been both amazed and delighted by Carol’s dramatically improved back problems.

I myself suffered a prolapsed L4/5 intervertebral disc in February 2012 after too vigorous Yoga spinal flexion and I started treatment by Rosemary in April 2012. I have been very impressed by Rosemary’s knowledge of both Anatomy and Physiology and have great confidence in her very personalised and appropriate treatments for my back problems, concentrating on core strength and muscular support for my spine.

I am indebted to Rosemary for her treatment of both me and my wife and have no hesitation in recommending her treatments to my patients.

Dr Christopher Kinchin, BSc., MB, BS, MRCS, LRCP, FRCGP

I have been attending one to one sessions with Rosemary MacDonald since 23rd January this year.

When I started with Rosemary, I was suffering severe recurrent back pain and unable to do a lot of everyday activities. My upper body was twisted and I was very guarded in how I moved as I was in constant fear of my back going into spasm.

Prior to being treated by Rosemary, I had received extensive treatments from Osteopaths, Chiropractors and Alexander Technique practitioners, all of which gave temporary relief but were not long term solutions. Because of the pain, I had to stop yoga which seemed to exacerbate the problem.

I had been attending an Alexander Technique Practitioner for about 9 months prior to starting treatment with Rosemary but again it was not a long-term solution and did not give me strength or relief from pain.

Rosemary worked with me to straighten my back then taught me exercises to do at home to strengthen my back. After the first 2 or 3 weeks of attending Rosemary’s classes, my back condition was totally transformed. I now rarely have pain and am able to do so much more physically, with confidence in my new strength. I was very confident that Rosemary assessed my personal needs and tailored her treatment to my needs with totally appropriate exercises.

I am about to start a group class with Rosemary and I look forward to the challenge. My friends and family have seen and remarked on the positive changes in me.

I have to genuinely thank Rosemary for what she has done to help me and feel she has improved my life.

Mrs Carol Kinchin RGN RHV

Neck, Shoulder, Elbow Pain

Often occurs in conjunction with shoulder joint problems or with lower back pain or with nerve interference in the arms and or fingers.

I am an historian and an enthusiastic gardener, and as I spend my time either sitting at a computer or bent double in the garden, I have always suffered from various back problems. Six years ago, I was lucky to survive an aneurysm and when I had recovered a little, I began Pilates lessons with Rosemary MacDonald.

I am so glad I went to her when I did. Now, when I feel pain after a long day’s work, I can always do the exercises she has taught me, which relieve the immediate discomfort.

Then, at the beginning of the next lesson, she gauges the state of my body and devises a programme to deal with the specific problems she observes that week. My back, neck and shoulders have never been better and I cannot imagine my life now without regular Pilates sessions with Rosemary. I would not go anywhere else.

Jane Kilpatrick

Rosemary enabled me to turn my head properly for the first time since my car accident. My shoulders and neck feel great for the first time in years.

This client is one of a small but growing number of people who have come to Rosemary post car accidents where the lawyers arranged for the client’s pilates to be paid because it made such a difference to their improvement.

Private Insurance Case, post car accident

I went home and told my husband I felt like I was walking on air after Rosemary had helped me with my neck and shoulders. I progressed from private classes to group classes and I have not looked back.

Specialist Doctor Cheltenham General

Hip Problems

I fell at home and broke my hip in two places. I was taken to hospital and underwent a total hip replacement operation. The operation was a success but the recovery proved to be a nightmare. To adjust to the implant I shifted my body weight to the other side resulting in trapping a nerve in my back. I was in constant pain, could only walk with two sticks and felt that my life as I once knew it, was over.

I tried all sorts – physiotherapy, osteopathy, but they made no difference. I had heard about pilates and began to wonder if it would help. After a lot of research I found Rosemary’s website and contacted her feeling quite sceptical but willing to give anything a go.

I arrived at Rosemary’s beautiful studio in the February and from day one I felt that I was starting to take control of my body again. It took a few weeks of one to one lessons but eventually the pain started to ease. In the summer of that year I walked down the aisle at my daughter’s wedding, pain free, no sticks and no trace of a limp.

Rosemary had recognised the problem straight away and worked hard to bring me to where I am today. I have since progressed to group classes which I really enjoy and always notice a difference if I miss my weekly Pilates fix.

Sue from Churchdown – Late 50s (all words written by people giving the testimonials)

I first came to Rosemary at the end of my rope because I had been experiencing a long road to recovery after hip surgery and was not getting results from several other practitioners.

By the second session with Rosemary I came to realise how incredible this lady is and how much she genuinely wanted to help me! She impressed me every session as she devised an individualised program tailored especially for my needs. All I needed to do was point out where I was experiencing pain and she would know exactly what muscles needed stretching or strengthening.

I saw results within a couple of weeks and over time became so much stronger. What a God send! Rosemary does challenge you to push yourself, but you have to let her because it is so worth it!!

It’s been over a year since my last visit as I have returned to my home country in Australia, but I am still to this day performing Rosemary’s valuable exercises and every now and then I even hear her voice in my head. Her guidance with every movement and breath has stayed with me for the better. Rosemary, I am eternally grateful!

Sally Sutton – Late 20s



Rosemary was recommended to me by a work colleague as I was in a lot of pain with sciatica from running. I love running but was in so much pain every time I ran even a short distance that I thought my running days were over. During my first lesson with Rosemary I was shocked to find that despite being very fit I struggled with a number of exercises thus highlighting how weak I was in many muscle groups. I then continued with weekly classes which enabled me to get back to running competitively again. After becoming pregnant I continued weekly pilates classes with Rosemary until I was 37 weeks pregnant. I am convinced these classes helped keep me pain free and healthy throughout my pregnancy. Due to the time commitments of having a young baby I had let pilates slip over the last 6 months and unfortunately my back pain returned but luckily Rosemary was quick to fit me in for a private lesson and within 24 hours I was feeling much better again. I am now definitely going to continue my weekly classes to maintain a pain free existence!

Lisa Boyd, a sports-fit veterinary surgeon, runner and mum aged 32

Knee Pain

Having suffered a tear to the cartilage in my knee, I was recommended to Rosemary as a possible alternative to surgery. Rosemary looks at the body as a whole and then applies her knowledge to you and any condition that you may have. I started with private lessons and then progressed to a class. Since taking up Pilates with Rosemary I have found that my knee is stronger and have managed to avoid surgery.

Nikki Miles Lady in her 40s

Rosemary really understands my body and the problems I have suffered for a long time with back pain. The exercises are specifically devised for me and although it is hard work sometimes, I have really benefited. I have also had problems with my knees for years but since doing particular exercises they have improved enormously.

Rosemary is very focused and her lessons really get to grips with any problems that you are experiencing from week to week. Rosemary is not only a brilliant teacher but very approachable and friendly.

Val Pamment - Lady in her 50s


I like to keep fit and slim but I felt my back was collapsing on me. I had seen many professionals as I have a mild scoliosis but it seemed to be getting worse. Rosemary has completely changed my life. She taught me how to get rid of the pain.

Rebecca Flanagan

Post Breast Cancer

Breast cancer does not always require extreme surgery and many people return to their Pilates class fairly quickly. They say that the Pilates definitely helps them physically and mentally.

I came to Rosemary after extensive surgery for breast cancer which included a mastectomy, and I also had part of a muscle moved from my back for medical reasons. Rosemary worked me meticulously and gently and with a clear knowledge. She helped me to feel so much better. I am sure she protected my range of movement and stopped scar tissue problems. It was also good to work my tummy muscles deeply. I learned that gentle can get amazingly excellent results.

American Visitor to Cheltenham

Out of respect for my clients I do not wish to give their names. I have had excellent experience with helping clients get back to normal after breast cancer. If you would like to see if I can help you, it would be my joy to do so.


For example, Plantar Fasciitis – we use the reformer and do important foot exercises but more importantly we treat the underlying cause which often involves substantially more areas of the body than just the feet.

What Classes are like: What the clients say

I have done exercise all my life and never felt this good, thank you Rosemary.


I came across you by chance and luck.

Pilates has been very useful to my body over the past fifteen years be it mat work or reformer but attending pilates classes with you has been an eye opener in that you pay great attention to breathing and you motivate us to push further both in terms of the stretching and the breathing.

You are a very dedicated, passionate teacher and when you say it is your responsibility to improve our core strength you ensure this happens.

You have very dedicated followers and I well understand why I shall be attending two classes a week next term and shall be moving to Cheltenham soon.

Ruth B

I’m a runner and love the gym but I used to get various ongoing aches. I joined Rosemary because I wanted a fitness class more than anything and was suspicious that the class would be full of rehabilitating people and therefore would be too easy or too slow for me. I could not have been more wrong! The classes are brilliant. In the last year I have gone on to have a baby and I remained in the classes for much of my pregnancy. You use muscles in Rosemary’s classes that you didn’t know were weak or that you even had!

Jenny, in stressful full-time career and now a mum, spends 2 hours a day in the car commuting. Toning, sculpting, stress release, mind and body refreshment wanted:

it wasn’t until I started suffering from my own back problems that I started pilates myself with Rosemary Mac Donald
Rosemary teaches pilates with care. She has a good knowledge and understanding of the human body and explains this throughout the classes, ensuring each exercise is performed correctly – to gain results and ensure we do not cause the wrong strain on our bodies. She knows her clients as individuals even within a class setting, and gives guidance and hands-on help when needed.
I have seen a vast improvement in my own posture and back ache through regular pilates with Rosemary and would thoroughly recommend Rosemary as an instructor.

Dr Sarah Hitchen A G.P.

I started Pilates classes with Rosemary to help my long-standing lower back pain. My partner recommended her and I was curious to see whether it would help as I had tried most other things. Rosemary took a lot of time and trouble to look at my posture, my activities and to explain the exercises to me. After a couple of months I’m happy to say there has been a substantial improvement. Rosemary’s group pilates classes are enjoyable, friendly and challenging, and as a local G.P. I would be happy to recommend them to my patients.

Dr Paul Crouchman. (who enjoys running)

I went to Rosemary as I was concerned about neck and shoulder pain from my office job and that my posture wasn’t as good as it could be. She recommended a private lesson to loosen me up and equip me with the basic methods needed to begin group classes. I had never done pilates before and was a total novice. I’m so glad I invested the extra money in a private lesson as I felt serene after we had finished. I felt taller and more relaxed than I had done in months, if not years. I learnt the important techniques one-to-one and had the opportunity of Rosemary’s knowledge all to myself for a full hour. If finances had allowed I would have continued with private lessons but I can now join the group classes feeling a bit more confident that I will be able to keep up.

Sarah - Journalist and young Mum

From Sports fit to Whole Body Fitness Testimonials

I began to suffer back pain more and more to the extent it was interfering with my every-day movements as well as my ability to play cricket in the summer and football in the winter. I was recommended Rosemary by a fellow architect who has regular 1:1 private classes with Rosemary. Private lessons with Rosemary released my back and stopped my pain. I now come to her group classes every week and find they are a brilliant help after my sports sessions. I feel that they protect me from injury and keep me flexible and strong in a way that is excellent for my football and cricket and allows me to get on with my day job.

Andrew, 34 year old architect

I’m a very fit 34 year old woman, married to a fitness coach. I love to cycle 150 miles in a weekend. I came to Rosemary for advice. I did a few private lessons which completely opened my eyes to the weaknesses in my musculoskeletal system that I had no idea of. Rosemary totally got rid of my back pain but more than this between the pilates and the cycling I realised I had never felt this fit and good in my body before. I met another bike rider in her 30’s like me. Rosemary had got rid of her pain too. Full name and address available but preference is for privacy.

34 Year old Cyclist

I began pilates with Rosemary 18 months ago mainly as I used to get lower back pain… I have not looked back! Not only did Pilates help my pain I found it was an excellent was of building core stability and flexibility in a way other exercises and sports don’t. The classes are also fun, flexible and relaxing. I love these classes and recommend them highly.

Dr Noreen Khan

I came to Rosemary to tone up my tum after my pregnancy and get fit enough to start running again. I’ve achieved all my goals, my waistline is present again and I just ran my first half marathon. What can I say about these classes – you get results! I love, love, love them! I recently started Kettle bells and found my arms were strong from our pilates


From not at all fit to being able to enjoy life again

I suffered with persistent back problems since my early 20’s and managed it with painkillers and regular Chiropractic sessions. Then in my late 30’s I had a herniated disc and entered a year of extreme pain and fear, which culminated in clinical depression and the end of my marriage.

Although I survived to tell the tale, I lived in constant fear of my ‘back going’ which it often did, sending me into shock and days of pain and despair as I tried to get ‘back on my feet’. I spent a fortune on massage and Osteopathy to try and help me, but my life remained limited by fear and physical restriction.

My Osteopath recommended Pilates but I was too frightened to try it and so effectively limped along both physically and emotionally. One day after another episode of my ‘back going’ in sheer despair I found Rosemary’s number in the Yellow Pages and phoned her on a Saturday. She spent an hour or more on the phone trying to help me with my pain and give me the courage to have a lesson with her. I commenced a series of lessons with a great deal of trepidation that Pilates could make me worse. However Rosemary’s commitment, dedication and sheer enthusiasm kept me going and slowly I gained confidence and could feel the physical difference in my back and muscular skeletal system generally. With this improvement I gained increasing confidence in my body and began to feel I was in control of it rather than the reverse. I also started to look forward to the lessons and the continuing progress until I reached the tipping point of realising I now would not want to be without regular Pilates sessions in my life.
I do not say this lightly but Rosemary changed, if not saved my life!

All the other therapies which were both time and money consuming left no lasting improvement. It was not until under Rosemary’s care, support and guidance that I started to take charge of my body and live my life fully. Now any occasional back trouble does not bring on a fear response and goes quickly. I no longer live in fear of my back going and at last in my 50’s I am starting to enjoy all the opportunities that come my way.

Debbie Leek

From Difficult to Move, to Salsa, skiing and Kayaking!

By the time I met Rosemary a bad desk and chair had accentuated my back problem so much I could hardly walk. Pilates was difficult in the beginning because the pain was so bad I was afraid to move. But Rosemary’s help was life-saving. My hobbies with my husband now include skiing and salsa dancing and we went kayaking this Summer. I have never felt fitter. Now my husband comes to the Pilates classes as well.

Lady in her early 40's

Why Your Testimonials are Important:

Your testimonials matter because whereas the N.H.S. allows pilates to be paid for in accordance with NICE guidelines, in practice this still all too rarely happens as there still isn’t enough proof of pilates’ efficacy, or enough consistency of excellent pilates teaching. Likewise, it is shockingly pitiful that too many insurance companies here in the U.K. still prefer to pay for more expensive treatments than pilates which get only half as good results for the client, causing you and the insurance company to lose out! So any evidence we can collect now may help you or your family financially in the long-run, we hope! This Centre hugely thanks those clients who have gone to the great kindness of putting into writing how this studio has helped them. We have received countless more testimonials dating back to 2002 which cover all areas of fitness from professional runners, to iron-man athletes, to sufferers of dreadful headaches, debilitating feet pain etc. Here are a very few of the testimonials that we have been given since 2011.

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